BWaters Productions produces a podcast titled Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings where guest share their success stories. There is also a segment titled, Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings with Uncomfortable Conversations where he discusses trending topics.

Tweeting My Sense of Humor (Featuring Jasmine L. Watkins) Breaking Through Glass Ceilings With Brian H.

She is the Queen of Twitter. Jasmine L Watkins is without a doubt one of the funniest people on social media. She discusses her love for sports and how she used that to get her career started in the industry. She shares her ups and downs at ESPN which includes volunteering to shadow the social media team after he overnight shifts and eventually leaving to take a few brands' social channels to a new level with viral tweets including the infamous Hail Mary tweet after a last-minute college football win.  Follow Jasmine on Twitter Apple: http://bit.ly/BGBW1AP       Spotify http://bit.ly/BGBWSP1       Anchor http://bit.ly/BGBWAnchor  iHeart Radio http://bit.ly/BWPIHR       Google http://bit.ly/BGBWGP        Pandora http://bit.ly/BGBWPandora — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/brianhwaters/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brianhwaters/support
  1. Tweeting My Sense of Humor (Featuring Jasmine L. Watkins)
  2. The Esthetician Living the Gimmick (Featuring Amber Rodriguez)
  3. Being Versatile in Media (Featuring Mark Webster)
  4. Grinding with Tunnel Vision (Featuring Blue)
  5. Changing How Pro Wrestling is Covered (Featuring Phil Lindsey)
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