BWaters Productions produces a podcast titled Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings where guest share their success stories. There is also a segment titled, Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings with Uncomfortable Conversations where he discusses trending topics.

Your Ministry can be through Broadcast Media, Drums, or Wrestling (featuring Ronnell Hunt) Breaking Through Glass Ceilings With Brian H.

Ronnell Hunt does it all. He is multi-time Emmy nominated broadcast journalist and producer, church drummer and professional wrestler. He shares his journey which includes working on a story with Tyra Banks (12:38), covering the protests after George Floyd's death (13:50),  growing up and playing drums in church (20:33) and his professional wrestling career (29:44). This show is brought to you by ForUrWear! Visit http://www.forurwear.com Purchase a Breaking Through Glass Ceilings T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/BTGCShirts Apple: http://bit.ly/BGBW1AP Spotify http://bit.ly/BGBWSP1 Anchor http://bit.ly/BGBWAnchor iHeart Radio http://bit.ly/BWPIHR Google http://bit.ly/BGBWGP Pandora http://bit.ly/BGBWPandora — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/brianhwaters/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brianhwaters/support
  1. Your Ministry can be through Broadcast Media, Drums, or Wrestling (featuring Ronnell Hunt)
  2. Reporting on Real Estate and Helping People Find their Dream Homes! (Featuring Melea VanOstrand)
  3. Praying for Times Like this, to Cover the NBA in Detroit (Featuring Mike Curtis)
  4. Putting a Focus on Mental Wellness in the Black and Brown Communities (Featuring Seindole Mawolo)
  5. Being The Authentic Host (Featuring Krista Bryant)
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