BWaters Productions produces a podcast titled Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings where guest share their success stories. There is also a segment titled, Breaking Through the Glass Ceilings with Uncomfortable Conversations where he discusses trending topics.

From Bowie State University to Albany, New York (Featuring Brandon A. Williams) Breaking Through Glass Ceilings With Brian H.

Brandon Williams returns to Breaking Through Glass Ceilings after episode 3 to talk about his career moves since his first appearance. When he first appeared he was still a student at Bowie State University. After graduating, he move to Lake Charles Lousiana to land his first job as a multimedia sports journalist. He discusses staying there for 2 years before landing his current position in Albany, NY. Purchase a Breaking Through Glass Ceilings T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/BTGCShirts   Symphony of Balloons https://bit.ly/BTGSOB  Book with Symphony of Ballons here: https://bit.ly/SYMPOBallonsForm  Support this podcast while supporting your favorite sports teams by making your purchases on Fanatics and using this link:  https://bit.ly/34rWdXr  — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/brianhwaters/message
  1. From Bowie State University to Albany, New York (Featuring Brandon A. Williams)
  2. Teaching is Listening and Learning (Featuring Dr. Mary Eberhardinger)
  3. Really Understand What You Asking God For (Feautring Danielle J. Martin)
  4. Writing About Healthcare for Everyone to Understand (Featuring Patrick Smith)
  5. COMING SOON: Breaking Through Glass Ceilings w/ New Projects
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